Growing paper blooms your message! Your own design sprouts and flourishes with growing paper: sustainable, surprising and unique.

From the seeds in our paper to the paper itself, the inks, the printers and distribution… we strive for environmentally friendly choices. That is our contribution to making the world a little greener.

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We print your own design on sustainable growing paper. Order now or get inspired!

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Our mission

Our mission

It is our mission to tell your story in a sustainable way. Be it a commercial message, a special occasion like a wedding or child birth, or a personal message. We let your words bloom! We make conscious choices based on a sustainable and social philosophy, from which we allow all our activities to sprout. How can we help you grow?

A company of friends

A company of friends

Together with our community of Growing Friends throughout Europe, we work on our mission every day. Our friends are people with the same philosophy, who just like us, want to accelerate sustainable ideas.



Our European friends

Growingpaper has partners in Europe who know the local market and print locally. Together we form a close network through which we deliver the best quality and service every day. This enables us to deliver large international orders without any problem.