Hey, great to have you here! Welcome to our site where you can dive into the wonderful world of flowers hidden in our growing paper. Our 100% biological poppy paper is nature's treasure chest, and you now have it in your hands. With this growing paper you can not only write and create, but also bring a piece of nature to life. From this paper grow beautiful poppies that are not only beautiful, but also a favorite of insects like bees and other pollinators! This will make your garden a little greener while also ensuring better biodiversity! 

Why biological?

Biological plants and seeds are a lot better for biodiversity than “normal” plants and seeds. This is because biological plants and seeds do not use pesticides and plant protection products. These pesticides are often toxic to insects such as bees. So this means that plants that at first glance are good for biodiversity are actually not so good at all, but instead harmful. By choosing biological plants or seeds, you can be sure that they are safe for insects and therefore also good for improving biodiversity. 

All about poppies

The poppy, Papaver rhoeas, is an enchanting annual flower that adorns fields and gardens with vibrant colors. With distinctive paper petals in shades of red, orange and purple, this flower often symbolizes peace and remembrance. Poppies thrive in sunny conditions and drained soil, and are often found along roads and in meadows. They require little care and self-seed easily. Their fragile beauty attracts not only people but also bees and other pollinators, contributing to biodiversity. Poppies are a romantic and indispensable addition to both wild and tamed landscapes. Poppies bloom best between June and July. 

Poppies and butterflies

Do you want more insects in your garden but are not fond of butterflies? Then poppies are the perfect flowers for you! This is because poppies make only pollen and no nectar. Since nectar is butterflies' favorite snack, they ignore the poppies and look for other flowers that do produce nectar. 

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