Bloom your message with growing paper. Your marketing message, mailing, business card or birth announcement card will literally blossom on this sustainable paper with flower seeds.

Paper types

Growingcard (250 grams)

Growingcard feels like a firm card and is handcrafted in South Africa with a lot of love and passion. The biodegradable seed paper has a beautiful natural appearance with clearly visible seeds. It is made from 100% recycled paper that is processed by hand into a "seed paper pulp". No chemicals have been added to this, only water. Our supplier is a social enterprise that provides permanent employment, living wages and training to more than 30 people in the local community. 

Growing paper seeds 

For the 250 grams Growingcard paper we have a bee and butterfly mix of wild flowers, forget-me-not seeds and a mix of basil and tomato.

Field flower forget me not and tomato seeds

Growingpaper (80 grams)

Seed paper from growing paper

The original Dutch Growingpaper feels like regular printing paper. This biodegradable paper has clearly visible seeds that give the paper character. It is made of two thin layers of paper, with seeds in between, that are glued together with potato starch.

Growingpaper seeds

For the 80 grams Growingpaper we have a bee and butterfly mix of wild flowers, lemon balm seeds, poppy seeds, forget-me-not seeds, a mix of lettuce seeds, and carrot seeds.

field flower, lemon balm, poppy, lettuce, forget me not, carrot seeds

Sustainable printing

Our priority is to ensure that the seeds in our seed paper actually sprout. That is why we print with specially adapted printers and with biodegradable ink. Because printing on growing paper with a regular printer or laserprinter will damage the seeds and they will no longer germinate. Our printers are adjusted in such a way that the seeds have enough space. Planting growing paper in the soil is carefree. Our ink is completely biodegradable.



With a growing paper card you don't leave any waste behind. That fits perfectly in a circular economy! In a circular economy, we ensure that all products are reused for something else. Give your business mailing, marketing campaign, flyer or other communication a sustainable touch by printing it on growing paper. Your customers are not left with paper waste, but with flowers! Order your own design on growing paper.


Let it grow!

Take good care of your growing paper and your words will bloom!

How to sow and plant growing paper

First make the paper very wet and place it indoors in a pot or outside in the garden on the soil. Cover the growing paper with about 1 cm of soil. Water your paper every day so that it stays moist. The first plants will germinate after about a week, but in most cases you see the first green sprouts in a few days. The best time to plant outside is from mid-May to October. Inside a jar it can be done all year round. Make sure to always provide sufficient light, heat and water.


Our test gardens

We test all types of seed paper in our test gardens, both indoors and outdoors. We test for germination, quality and results. Growing paper really grows and blooms!

Growingpaper garden to test sow, sprout and bloom

Your own design

Create your own message on growing paper.

Your own design