Together with our Growing Friends, we work on our mission: to make the world a bit more sustainable and social.

Printing sustainably

"Together we have a great story with flourishing developments."

Our supplier of inks and printers: “Right at the start of our collaboration with Growingpaper, it became clear that they aim high: Growingpaper wants to be sure that everything they do is as sustainable as possible. For example, the inks we supply for the growing paper must be 100% biodegradable....

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" Growing paper helps us to get customers to think about sustainability in a fun, surprising and original way."

"Boarding pass" towards a sustainable future. Lennaert Drost, Field Marketing Manager at Vandebron: “At Vandebron it is our mission to implement the transition to 100% sustainable energy as quickly as possible, but also in a fun and easy way. We do this by offering our customers truly sustainable energy, which...

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Grow a Wish

" My mission is to create beautiful moments. With growing paper, your moment of happiness literally grows and flourishes."

Fabiënne Overbeek, owner of Grow a Wish: “I started 'Grow a Wish' in early 2019. The reason for this was that I thought it was a shame to keep throwing birthday cards away. That is why I looked for a different solution and ended up with seed ...

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We print your own design on sustainable growing paper. Order now or get inspired!

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