Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. Do you have a question that is not listed here? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Deliver your file in pdf, png or jpeg. Make sure that the size of the file matches the paper size you ordered. You can also upload your design via the design tool, choosing A5 or A6 format, assuring your design has the right size.

See more design tips for the best result.

During the ordering process you can choose two ways to submit your file.

  1. Upload your own files (pdf, png or jpeg).
  2. Use the design tool.

Take these design tips into account for the best result.

There are two ways to place an order. Via uploading your own design (1) and via the design tool (2).

  1. If you have multiple files, or for instance a front and back design, you can upload all files during the ordering process. Please add any instructions in the comment box.
  2. If you use the design tool and have for instance 2 different designs. Please place 2 separate orders via the design tool.
  3. Don’t have your design yet? Just place the order and send your file afterwards to stating your order number.

Yes, it is possible to print full color areas, such as photos and images. However, make sure to cover max 40% of the paper. Due to the seeds, growingpaper is a bit bumpy. This can cause irregularities in the print (stripes and dots) when a lot of ink is needed for your design. Keep this in mind for the most beautiful result. And less ink is more sustainable!

Our 80 grams growingpaper is only suitable for single-sided printing. Our 250 grams growingcard can be printed both single and double sided.

More design tips for the best result.

Europe: Our standard delivery time in Europe depends on your location. Roughly we can give an indication of:

  • About 7 to 9 business days to countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Denmark and Luxembourg.
  • About 9 to 12 business days for countries like Spain, Bulgaria, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden.

    Birth announcement and mourning cards always get a priority status in our production, but we are dependent on the shipping time of our partners.

Netherlands: Our standard delivery time within the Netherlands is 4 to 6 business days and we do not charge shipping costs. Choose “express delivery” in the checkout form to shorten the delivery time to 2 and 3 workdays (additional shipping costs are charged). Birth announcements and funeral cards always get a priority status. We will send these as soon as possible.

Lager orders: For larger orders (> 2,500 pieces) we are happy to discuss the delivery time with you.

Our experts will check your design and possibly coordinate suggestions with you for the best result. You will receive a digital proof by e-mail and after your approval we will print your order.

We offer two types of seed paper. The 80 grams growingpaper feels like stationery, is cheaper and is therefore suitable for flyers and giveaways. The 250 grams growing card feels like a postcard and is suitable for both business communication (mailings, invitations, thank you cards, business cards) and for special occasions (wedding invitations, birth announcements, funeral cards).

Our seed paper has a social origin and sustainable properties.

View all seed paper options, seeds, sizes and envelops.

Choose from a wide range of sizes in our webshop. We print on standard sizes such as A4, A5, A6 and A7. But we also have business cards, circles, hearts, door hangers and the option to order your own unique shape. Ideal for product tags, hang tags, give aways etc.

Our seed paper is made from recycled paper and is unbleaced. Therefor the color is off white and it has clearly visible seeds.

Our seed paper has a social origin and sustainable properties.

We recommend to not print the seed paper yourself and therefore do not supply blank paper in principle. Our printers are specially adapted so that they do not crush the seeds to ensure they really sprout. In addition, our ink is 100% biodegradable so it is safe to put the paper into the ground. Something you can’t be sure of when you print it yourself. Read more about our sustainable and innovative printing method.

No, we do not recommend this. We use adapted machines which have less pressure on the paper and the seeds, so they actually sprout. In addition, our ink is 100% biodegradable, so it does not disturb the ecosystem. Something you can’t be sure of when you print it yourself. Read more about our sustainable and innovative printing method.

Yes, you can request a sample and will receive a printed sample of both Growingpaper (80 grams) and Growingcard (250 grams). Our paper has a social origin and sustainable properties.

If you would like a sample of your own design, that is also possible. Look here for all the possibilities:

  • Flowers: Sow from mid-May to August. Let the flowers germinate indoors in a pot, but move them to your garden or balcony in the summer season to let them bloom.
  • Herbs: Sow outdoors from mid-May to August. Sow indoors from September to April.
  • Vegetables: Sow outdoors from April to August. Sow indoors from February to April.

More information on the seeds, when and how to plant your seed paper.

All our seeds are tested for germination in our test gardens. We select the seeds on a number of criteria. For example, they should not be larger than 1.5 mm. Sunflower seeds are unfortunately too big, while forget-me-not seeds are the perfect size. We have carefully selected some wildflower seeds which make the bee’s and butterflies happy to contribute to biodiversity. All the seeds are non-GMO (genetically modified).

Have a look at the local webshop of our Growing Friends in your country:

You can request a quotation up to 5,000 pieces by filling in this step-by-step plan. At the bottom of the page, choose the quantity and the price will appear in a graduated table. Choose quotation here, fill in your details and receive the quotation directly in your mailbox.

Do you plan to order more than 5,000 pieces? Then fill in this online form. We will contact you as soon as possible for a customised quotation.

The weight of the paper depends on the size you order. The grammage of the paper is calculated on an A0 size and is not the actual weight of a card. Here is an example:

80 grams paper - A6 size with envelope weighs 4 grams

250 grams paper - A6 size with envelope weighs 7 grams

We offer many options for your design on a growingpaper card. Read all the options on our prices page.

It is possible for us to take the entire shipping or mailing off your hands. We print the cards and envelopes with the addresses. Put the cards in the envelopes and send the mailing with PostNL. It is also possible to send abroad. Are you interested in this? Then please contact us.

You can put a qr code on a growingpaper card just fine if it is at least 2.5 by 2.5 cm. Because of the seeds, it is not plain paper and a seed might get in the way. If the qr-code is big enough, this usually doesn’t cause any problems.

We also always test your qr-code on the test print.

Annual flowers bloom in the first year after you plant the seeds. Biennial or perennial flowers often bloom only the second year after you plant the seeds.

  • The flowers in the bee and butterfly mix are all annuals. So these bloom in the first year. The flowers often drop their seeds or they are dispersed by the wind so you will also find flowers in your garden the following year.
  • Forget-me-nots are perennials and only flower in the second year.
  • Poppies are annuals and bloom briefly. But spread easily through your garden the following years.

The seeds in our 2 types of growing paper are selected on a number of properties:

  • Good germination
  • From a Dutch seed supplier
  • Good for bees and butterflies
  • Native or not invasive to the Dutch ecosystem
  • Not too big so we can print on it
  • Not too oily so you get as few brown spots in the paper as possible. Unfortunately, this can never be 100% prevented as seeds remain a product of nature.

The icons are not on the card by default. Place planting instructions and the website in your design. This way, the recipient will know exactly how best to make the growing paper bloom! Download the icons for the plant and growth instructions on this page.

With a flower card full of flower seeds, you don’t just send a card, you send a flower. That’s another unique gift for birthdays, Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day.

All the answers about ordering and planting flower cards.

​You can keep growing paper 1 to 1.5 years to let the seeds germinate. Find more information about planting growingpaper here.

For births, we apply a different procedure. However, we prioritize births and propose a different procedure for this.

You place your order well in advance and send us the design (without the final dimensions, etc.). We will make a proof of this and send you the photo by e-mail. That way you can already see what the design will look like on growing paper. We then reserve the necessary paper and production time for you.

Once the birth has taken place, you send us the final design. We will then print and ship within 24 hours or the next working day.

Do you also order envelopes? Then you can also have them sent in advance.

In the bee/butterfly mix of the 80g paper, there are lots of spring annual flowers: antirrhinum, godetia, gypsophyla, dorotheanthus, chrysanthemum, petunia, lobularia, ageratum and iberis. Read more about these flowers here.

The 250g bee/butterfly mix contains seeds of Snapdragons, Godetia , Gypsophyla , Ice Flowers , Virginian Stock, Poppies, Alyssum and Chinese Carnation. Read more about these flowers here.

Yes, we are happy to personalise your growing paper product. You can customise the addressee, logo, or all the text to make your product unique and personal.

However, there are a few important things to keep in mind:

  • Additional cost: 60 € per 1000 cards
  • From 1001 extra 60 € (always applies up to 1000 cards)
  • Only one side can be personalised at a time. Example: Folded card - you can personalise one side of the card.
  • All data for personalisation must be sent to us via Excel.
  • Additional information required: Font type, font size, colour
  • One design per personalisation possible
  • The design must not have a bleed

Everything you want to see on a card counts as 1 design. This, of course, also applies to the back of your card. You can upload up to 3 different designs for free in your order.

Examples of multiple designs:

Example 1 - Personalisation: You’ve created a card design for your wedding invitations. Now the design is the same but you address each card to a different guest. So you keep changing the name and the rest of the design remains the same. This is not a problem, but we do charge a personalisation fee (60 €). You can find more information on this in our FAQ “Can I have my design personalised?”.

Example 2 - More than 3 designs: You are designing flyers for an event. You have chosen 5 different variants. You want to print 100 flyers of each variant. This is no problem, but from the 4th design onwards we charge a handling fee of 15 € / design. From the 8th design onwards, it is 10 €.

You can only pay by invoice when your order is 250 € or higher.

Your own design

Create your own message on growing paper.

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