A blossoming new beginning. That's where a sustainable birth card made of growing paper fits in! Order your personalized birth cards in a variety of sizes starting at 30 pieces.

Sustainable birth card

Growing paper birth announcement cards with flower seeds are a sustainable choice. The growing paper is not only made of 100% recycled paper and 100% biodegradable, but it is also printed with biodegradable water-based ink. So plant the card in the garden with confidence. In doing so, you are helping biodiversity at the same time because the seeds blossom into beautiful wildflowers, poppies or even tomato plants. With more flowers in the garden, you help the bees and butterflies that need the pollen so much.

How it works

Your design
Order your growing paper birth announcement card easily in the webshop. Here you choose the paper type, seeds, size and possibly envelopes. During the order you can upload your design, or create your own design in the design tool.

Because of the seeds in the paper and the off-white color, your design may look slightly different. That's why we offer you the choice to choose from three options: no testprint, digital testprint, or physical testprint via mail. Only after your approval will we print the birth announcement cards. We understand that you can only finalize the card after the birth of your little one. It is therefore possible to request a proof print of your concept design. Place an order with your concept design and if you send the final design after the birth to info@growingpaper.nl with your order number we will start printing soon. 

We always try to give birth announcements priority in production, but please allow 4-6 business days on average. Would you like to receive the envelopes earlier so they are ready on time? No problem, just indicate this in the notes during your order. Personalizing your birth announcement cards is also possible. See below for more information.

Already have a design?

Already have a design?

Have you had a beautiful design created by a designer? Then choose the paper, seed type and size of your birth announcement card.

Looking for a designer? Email us for recommendations of some top designers at info@growingpaper.nl

Creating your own design

Creating your own design

In our design tool you can easily design the cutest birth announcement cards yourself. The library is full of icons and images, add text and adjust colors. 

For the best results, read these design tips beforehand.

Direct mailing

Direct mailing

Have the birth card sent directly to recipients? You can! Based on an address file, we print the envelopes, insert the cards and take care of the entire shipment via PostNL.

  • Format of your design

Option 1: Set the text and image at least 8 mm from the edge.

Option 2: Make the design sloping. See these design instructions for this.

  • Maximum 40% full area colour

Growing paper is full of “bumpy” seeds, which can cause streaks when printing large full areas.

  • Light colors and small fonts can be difficult to read

We recommend not using text in light pastel colours. Such as light yellow, light green and light pink.

  • Double-sided printing on 80 grams growing paper is not possible.

Please note that when making a design, the print may print through. Design only on the front and right inner side.

Planting instructions

Put planting instructions in your design. This way the recipient knows exactly how to make the growing paper bloom! In the design tool you will find these in the Growingpaper clipart. Download various planting instructions. Please note that the icons are not standard on the card.

Growing paper is 100% recycled paper with flower seeds. Plant the card in the garden, look after it well and within a week the first plants will appear.

Read more about the sustainable and social origin of our growing paper.

  • 250 grams - Cards made from Growingcard (250 grams) paper are 100% biodegradable. It is made from 100% recycled paper that is reprocessed by hand into a ‘porridge of paper with seeds’. No chemicals are added to this, only water.
  • 150 grams - This growing paper feels like thin, flexible cardboard. The seeds are clearly visible in the paper which gives it a natural texture. The paper is slightly thicker than the 80 grams paper and can therefore be printed on both sides.
  • 80 grams - Cards made from Growingpaper (80 grams) consist of two thin layers of paper glued with potato starch. This is an entirely vegetable raw material that ensures that the flower seeds are stuck between the two layers of paper, as it were.

Learn more about the sustainable and social sourcing of our growing paper.

Your own personalized growing paper birth announcement cards can be ordered in a variety of sizes starting at 30 pieces. The most commonly chosen formats are: A6, A5, or a folder (folded A5 to A6). But you can also think of a rectangular, square or a nice growinglable to go with a standard card.

Note: growingcard can be printed double-sided, growingpaper only single-sided because otherwise the print will show through.

All sizes at a glance.

250 grams growingcard:

  • Bee and butterflymix
  • Forget-me-nots
  • Herbmix
  • Poppies

150 grams growingpaper:

  • Bee and butterflymix

80 grams growing paper

  • Bee and butterflymix
  • Carrots
  • Phacelia

Growing paper is full of bumpy seeds and growingcard is also handmade paper. Therefore, printing this unique paper requires a special approach! The ink we use to print the birth card is biodegradable and our printers ensure that the seeds do not get too hot or are crushed. So you can confidently put the birth card in the ground and the seeds will actually sprout. Provided you plant the card properly and take good care of it of course.

Getting your flowering paper to bloom requires the right conditions and a little patience.

Step 1. Dampen your growing paper card

First make your flowering card really wet. And we mean really wet! Only then can the paper dissolve properly so the seeds can germinate.

Step 2. Lay your growing paper on some soil

Place your card with flower seeds inside a pot or outside on a balcony or in the garden on the earth. Preferably use sowing soil or potting soil to do this. The best time to plant outdoors is from mid-May to October. Indoors in a pot can be done all year round.

Step 3. Cover your growing paper card with a thin layer of soil

Cover your flowering card with about 1 to maximum 1.5 cm of soil. This will give the seeds enough nutrients, protection and light to germinate. If you cover the paper with too thick a layer of soil, the seeds will germinate less quickly, or not at all.

Step 4. Water, water and more water

Especially in the beginning, give some water every day to keep the paper moist. It is best to use a spray bottle so that the paper gets the same amount of water everywhere. A watering can or a cup can cause the paper not to get evenly wet and not all the seeds to come out equally well.

Step 5. Sun, warmth and lots of love

In addition, make sure you have a bright and warm spot. Be careful with a spot in full sun, especially in summer. Then your paper can dry out and the seeds will not germinate. Now it’s a matter of patience! Within 1 or 2 weeks, the first plants will germinate. Keep giving your plants lots of love and attention, even after germination. However, you can now water them a little less than in the first week.

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