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150 grams growingpaper!

We have a new addition to our growing paper family. Our 150 g/m2 growing paper is now available!  A small profile of the paper: Manufacturer: Provides good working environment; living wage and does not discriminate. Origin: India Production method: Handmade Material: 100% Cotton waste, without chemicals Seeds: colourful flower mix [...]

Holiday card inspiration

Christmas and other holidays in December are very important to many people. It is a time full of conviviality, looking back on the past year, and looking ahead to the year ahead. It is a time full of love, joy, and wishes to loved ones. Holiday cards are a great[...]

Seed paper Valentine cards

Give love that blooms, in the truest sense of the word Valentine's Day is a special time of the year when people express their love and affection for their loved ones. A unique and environmentally friendly way to do this is by gifting a Valentine's card made of[...]

Germany here we come!

Today we launch our new German webshop! Several German customers found us already in the Netherlands or Switzerland, but as of today it gets even easier to order a sustainable seed paper card in Germany. Our colleague Astrid runs the webshop and helps customers with all the[...]

New Growing Friend in Switzerland

We are proud of our new Growing Friend in Switzerland. Lately, we have worked hard with this local partner on setting up their Growingpaper location. With their own local German website, local customer service and print shop, they are ready to grow and flourish Growingpaper in Switzerland. The location is[...]

We are going on Christmas holidays

Our printers take a break between Christmas and New Year's Eve. So take into account a longer response time and delivery time. Closed: Dec 25 to Jan 1. You can place orders in the webshop, but keep in mind that they will only be printed and delivered after January 4. Order[...]

Sustainable Christmas card for customers and employees

The holidays will unfortunately look different this year. Enough reason to let your customers, relations or employees know that you are thinking about them! With a surprising Christmas or New Year's wish on growing paper, you can also do that sustainably. Ideal for in a sustainable Christmas package or[...]

Tile out, growing paper in

Have you heard about the 'tile out, plant in' movement? It has been a recurring issue in the Netherlands for years. Because we are increasingly paving our gardens, there is less and less space for plants and flowers. This has a negative effect on biodiversity (the bees and[...]

Have you tasted the vegetables from Growingpaper?

We have renamed May vegetable month. Because nothing is tastier as vegetables from your own garden. Growing paper is available with carrot seeds and a surprising lettuce mix. Growingcard is available with a tomato and basil mix. Put the paper in a pot and in no time your own, fresh[...]

What is cradle to cradle?

'Cradle to cradle' or circular economy is a term you hear a lot lately. At Growingpaper we also try to work as circular as possible. But what does cradle to cradle actually mean? And how can we make this concrete in our processes at Growingpaper? The central idea[...]

We accept the B Corp challenge!

Meaningful entrepreneurship and contributing to a circular economy. That is our mission! That is why we take up the challenge to become a certified B Corp organization. That is a certificate for our sustainable and social product, purchasing, organization and mission. B Corp is a worldwide network of certified companies[...]

Today is Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the day that worldwide, we have consumed all the raw materials that the earth can regenerate in 1 year. That means that as of today, we are using up our reserves. The last decades, this day fell earlier every year. However, this year we[...]

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