Today is Earth Overshoot Day

Earth Overshoot Day is the day that worldwide, we have consumed all the raw materials that the earth can regenerate in 1 year. That means that as of today, we are using up our reserves.

The last decades, this day fell earlier every year. However, this year we have managed to last a little bit longer worldwide with the 'budget' we receive from the earth. That is of course because of the corona pandemic, but it proves that if we really want to, we can! Still, to speak in Loesje's terms, we have quite some year left at the end of our 'raw materials budget'. If we only look at the Netherlands, the 3th of May was our overshoot day this year!

At Growingpaper we realize that this is not sustainable in the long term and we want to contribute to moving the date. We do this by making conscious choices every step of the way when printing your message on growing paper. From the paper to the ink and the packaging. We also reuse as much of our printing waste as possible for test prints, to test the germination power in our test gardens and we turn it into circular confetti.

In this way we try to contribute to a circular economy. It goes without saying that materials should be used in such a way that they are reused or recycled. That is of course also the core of our growth paper. Because your message will blossom on growing paper and will not end up in the waste bin.

Want to know more and see how you can contribute to #movethedate yourself?



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