We accept the B Corp challenge!

Meaningful entrepreneurship and contributing to a circular economy. That is our mission! That is why we take up the challenge to become a certified B Corp organization. That is a certificate for our sustainable and social product, purchasing, organization and mission.

B Corp is a worldwide network of certified companies that use their business for a sustainable and social purpose. So in addition to a profitable company, they also realize a positive impact.

  • B Corp stands for: Benefit Corporation.
  • Motto: Business as a force for good.

We find it important to reflect on the impact we have as Growingpaper. The first step is of course to be more efficient with our raw materials. We do this, for example, by reducing our energy consumption, reusing our printing waste, avoiding unnecessary packaging and offsetting the CO2 emissions of the Growingcard paper from South Africa via Trees for All. But we are going a step further than just reducing our negative footprint. We want to increase our positive impact. For example, by printing with biodegradabel ink, looking for the best seed paper that really sprouts, choosing seeds that benefits the bees and butterflies and above all letting even more customers choose growing paper. Because with growing paper your message does not become waste, but a flower!

The online B Impact Assessment will help us to check all facets of Growingpaper and give us insight into where we can still improve. Super interesting and educational! We will keep you informed on the choices and challenges we encounter along the way and hope soon to be able to join other B Corps such as Tony's Chocolonely, Dopper, Seepje, Fairphone, Moyee Coffee and many more amazing sustainable companies.



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