New Growing Friend in Switzerland

We are proud of our new Growing Friend in Switzerland. Lately, we have worked hard with this local partner on setting up their Growingpaper location. With their own local German website, local customer service and print shop, they are ready to grow and flourish Growingpaper in Switzerland.

The location is run from Bern by an enthusiastic and experienced team that considers social entrepreneurship very important. They are already a well-known player in the sustainable card market in Switzerland with their company Hervorragend. Their mission is to sell fair trade handmade products. Naturally, this ties in very well with Growingpaper's mission, which is why the collaboration was quickly established a few months ago. For the printing of the growth paper cards, they also work together with a sheltered workshop where people with disabilities work. Have a look:

With the opening of this location, the counter has already reached 5 countries where Growingpaper can make customers and nature happy with growing paper cards. And we are quite proud of that!



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