Tile out, growing paper in

Have you heard about the 'tile out, plant in' movement? It has been a recurring issue in the Netherlands for years. Because we are increasingly paving our gardens, there is less and less space for plants and flowers. This has a negative effect on biodiversity (the bees and butterflies need flowers to survive) and on water management.

That is why initiatives for a greener environment are organized in many places in the Netherlands on 28 March 2020. Have you ever considered that growing paper is also a great substitute for your garden tiles? Remove your tiles, put the seed paper in the ground and beautiful flowers, herbs or vegetables will grow. 

A fully paved garden is not only less environmentally friendly, it is also difficult for our water management. Rainwater no longer infiltrates into the soil and drains through paved surfaces to our sewer system. That sewer system can no longer handle the large amount of water, resulting in flooding. By replacing pavement with greenery, the water can infiltrate into the soil again.

Do your part!
On Saturday 28 March initiatives will advocate less pavement and more plants and flowers. Order your seed paper now and replace your garden tiles for more green and flowers in your garden. Here you fill find all the tips to make your growing paper bloom and make the world a little bit greener. Every step helps!



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