What is cradle to cradle?

'Cradle to cradle' or circular economy is a term you hear a lot lately. At Growingpaper we also try to work as circular as possible. But what does cradle to cradle actually mean? And how can we make this concrete in our processes at Growingpaper?

The central idea behind this philosophy is that all materials in one product can be used in another product after it's life cylce. Ideally, there are no residual products left that end up as waste and materials are reused in the most valuable way. For example wood from a demollished house is used as a table, lasting again for decades, instead of used as firewood for energy. 

To be fair, cradle to cradle set's the bar high. And that is why unfortunately not all our processes comply with this yet. But we are well on the way and do not lose sight of our focus (fully sustainable business, in all respects)! With this cradle to cradle method in mind, we look at our entire supply and production chain: from the seeds in our paper to the paper itself, the inks we print with and the printers we use. Only by constantly staying sharp and alert on this can we continue to build on a thriving company that does full justice to our sustainable vision. We try to practice what we preach!



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