Grow a Wish

" My mission is to create beautiful moments. With growing paper, your moment of happiness literally grows and flourishes."

Fabiënne Overbeek, owner of Grow a Wish:

“I started 'Grow a Wish' in early 2019. The reason for this was that I thought it was a shame to keep throwing birthday cards away. That is why I looked for a different solution and ended up with seed paper. Now I design my own collection of cards on growing paper and cards that I design on request. Growingpaper is my supplier for both the standard postcards and the custom cards, like wedding invitations. 

I have tested seed paper from different suppliers, but the seed paper from Growingpaper stood out for several reasons. For example, the sustainable story behind the paper appealed to me, and the contact with people was very pleasant from the first moment. I think it is super important that the paper does what it promises: plants or flowers actually have to come out the moment you put it in the ground. I have tested the various seed papers myself to see what happened. Growingpaper turned out to deliver on its promise. In addition, Growingpaper turned out to be a company that also considers the social aspect highly important. The story behind the production of the Growingcard in South Africa, where women work and get more opportunities in life in this way, immediately appealed to me.

High quality print result
At first my idea was to start printing cards myself. But that turned out to be super difficult for all kinds of reasons. For example, the printers should not get too hot, because then the seeds in the paper will no longer germinate. At Growingpaper they know exactly what they are doing and they ensure a high-quality print result. Partly for this reason, the production, including the printing work, is carried out by Growingpaper. And should something go wrong, I am sure they will solve it properly. They have that flexibility, and I really like that.

“My mission is to hold on to happy moments longer. With growing paper, your moment of happiness literally grows and flourishes.” Fabiënne Overbeek

I fully support the sustainable vision of Growingpaper. I think it is super important that the product is really sustainable in all aspects, because that is one of the things I stand for. The social aspect of Growingpaper also suits me well. Moreover, because of the collaboration with Growingpaper, my story is complete. I want to hold on to happy moments longer; that's why I think it's such a shame to throw away birthday cards. With growing paper, your moment of happiness, whether it's a birthday, the birth of a child or a wedding, literally grows and flourishes. Every time you see that flower or plant, you think back to your moment. And that is exactly my intention!

Open minded
My dream is to become a national card brand that stands for creating more moments of happiness together. I consciously invest in this, by using part of the turnover to fulfill special moments of happiness for my customers. With every order they place, they receive a code with which they can send me the best moment of happiness for them. From all those moments of happiness, I choose one that I fulfill. If you want to grow as a company, the role of a good supplier is very important. I enjoy working with Growingpaper. The contact is good, they know what is going on and are very open minded. And that is very nice, especially when I look to the future!"