Printing sustainably

"Together we have a great story with flourishing developments."

Our supplier of inks and printers:

“Right at the start of our collaboration with Growingpaper, it became clear that they aim high: Growingpaper wants to be sure that everything they do is as sustainable as possible. For example, the inks we supply for the growing paper must be 100% biodegradable. A 99% answer is therefore not accepted.  Our customers for printers have high requirements as well. There is a continuous pursuit for sustainability, social entrepreneurship and the delivery of quality.

We recognize a lot of our own story in the philosophy of Growingpaper. In fact, they fit together seamlessly. Just like with Growingpaper, it is also our mission to contribute to a better world. With good solutions that are as sustainable as possible. We implement this at every stage of the "lifecycle" of our products: from design and production to transport, use and recycling. And just like Growingpaper, in addition to sustainability, the social aspect also plays a major role within our company. For us, the collaboration with Growingpaper enforces therefore our story.

The seed paper of Growingpaper is no standard paper; it are two layers of paper that are glued with potato starch. And it contains seeds that must remain intact so that they can still germinate. This places specific demands on our printers. Our inkjet printers are "heat-free". As a result, the seeds in the seed paper are not damaged during the printing process. Adjustments have also been made in, for example, the transport wheels, housing and the distance to the printhead. In this way, the printers are specially equipped for printing on seed paper and Growingpaper can guarantee a high-quality product for its customers.

“For us, the collaboration with Growingpaper is a great story. Our philosophy and that of Growingpaper fit together seamlessly.”

We are proud of the collaboration we have with Growingpaper. It is an open collaboration and a strong commitment to each other. There is a deep bond of trust that goes far. The cooperation with Growingpaper is also an example for our company Europe-wide. The highlight of this was a conference we held in November 2019 for our European resellers. Each visitor received a letter on seed paper, and our president opened the conference with that letter. That did something to the visitors.

Growing opportunities

Moreover, we see many opportunities to grow together. Not only in the technological field, but also in other areas. For example, how can we increase the market success of both companies. How can we strengthen each other? What new opportunities do we see in the market together? That interests me, not only proffessionaly, but also personally. I think it's great to be part of these growing developments!”