" Growing paper helps us to get customers to think about sustainability in a fun, surprising and original way."

"Boarding pass" towards a sustainable future.

Lennaert Drost, Field Marketing Manager at Vandebron:

Vandebron logo“At Vandebron it is our mission to implement the transition to 100% sustainable energy as quickly as possible, but also in a fun and easy way. We do this by offering our customers truly sustainable energy, which comes directly from local producers. One of the marketing tools we use to fulfill our mission is field marketing: face-to-face campaigns that we conduct at events, markets and supermarkets. The use of growing paper plays a role in our field marketing. Since our employees sometimes feel a barrier to directly address potential customers, we looked for a fun gadget as a conversation starter. That has become a 'plane ticket' on seed paper, which we offer to passers-by during our campaigns. With this boarding pass to a sustainable future we invite people to switch to truelly renewable energy and make a sustainable choice. For us it is a perfect conversation starter to talk with people about sustainable choices. 

At Vandebron we like to show our rebellious side, becaus we want to turn the energy market upside down. The plane ticket on growing paper helps us to get people to think about sustainability in a surprising and original way. When we hand over such the seed paper to people, something unexpected happens. People feel the seeds and think "what is that?" And we notice from their reactions that they think it is great to be addressed in this way. Growingpaper's mission is fully in line with that of Vandebron. Just like Growingpaper, we want to make the world more sustainable in a fun and easy way. By using growing paper as a give-away, we close the circle: even if you don't become a customer at Vandebron, you can of course still put the paper in the ground and contribute to a greener future.

 "Growingpaper helps us to get customers to think about sustainability in a fun, surprising and original way." 
Lennaert Drost, Field Marketing Manager at Vandebron

We started the brainstorm for a gimmick to address people with a number of conditions. It had to be handy, light, not too expensive and as durable as possible. Then of course you will not opt ​​for a plastic keychain from China. Growingpaper meets all these requirements and it is also a Dutch company. That was also important to us. The fact that they are really mindfull about sustainability throughout the chain is a clear advantage in our own story.

Still successful
Not only on the streets, but also on social media, we receive positive reactions on the boarding pass. For example, people have friends who have received the growing paper and ask if they can use one too. We have been working with this gadget for over a year, but it is clear to us that it is still very much appreciated. For our teams, the flight ticket has also become a permanent part of their sales pitch. We also hear back from them that it is still a success. So we will certainly continue to use growing paper for a while. Never change a winning team!"